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Call Us 24/7: (724) 775-4113

Call Us 24/7: (724) 775-4113


Detailed Camera Services

Your sewer must be opened first to use the camera and locator. Using the camera will help to locate what caused the clog. Once the problem is located, Ron Miller Plumbing will know the depth, location and solution to your clogged sewer. We eliminate the guess work in finding your sewer line issues which saves you time, money and unnecessary destruction of your property.

FREE INspections for sewer•Water•gas line replacements

Call Ron Miller Plumbing for a FREE Inspection. If after an hour, we can’t unclog it,

Camera Services Usage


Before you buy a home you now have the ability to see what the pipes look like. Why have your dreams stained with memories of bad water pipes causing thousands of dollars of damage to your valuables and property. Save yourself the money and headache of having your pipes reviewed by one of Ron Miller Plumbings professionals with our state-of-the-art camera locater.


Having a drain that constantly clogs is a hassle. We are able to see where and why your drain is having an issue. This knowledge can greatly reduce any costs you may have if your drain needs to be repaired. Contact Ron Miller Plumbing to provide you with a thorough inspection of your problematic drain.


If you are planning on doing some digging or construction work, you don’t want any sewage surprises. When putting in pools, house additions, sheds, porches, etc., you don't want to build or put anything heavy on top of sewer lines. Contact Ron Miller Plumbing to come out and do a complete inspection of the potential sewer lines that could save your project thousands of dollars.

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